this page contains some of my latest projects. i'll try to keep these pages updated often with the hope that someone will find the documentation of my experiences and research useful. please let me know if you'd like to see me add anything!


i've been working with bsd for a while now. this is mostly a collection of screenshots and motds.

fixed gear bicycle

my venture into the world of fixed gear cycling, and the first bike i have built.


for minimalist idealists. finally! living outside with only a few possessions and no place to call home.


why wait until you're dead and then hope that someone will dedicate a structure to your memory? i'm not.


this page will show you most all of the networking i have done over the past few years, including my ridiculous wireless projects and some basic home networking.


sometimes i paint things. here i have pictures of some of my paintings, with a bit of information.


both digital and film! color and black & white! you can find out about my darkroom here, too.


my web photo album software that uses aws s3 for storing and serving the images.

think tank forums

both a live web forum and an open source php forum software project.


this is a general purpose genetic algorithm that i coded in both R and C as part of an academic research project.