sappho, an s3-powered web photo album


sappho is web photo album software, programmed using php and mysql, and released under the bsd license. sappho is unique because it uses amazon web services' simple storage service (s3) to store all of the image files. this removes the burden of storage and delivery from your servers, and it also provides a nice backup solution for your image files.

sappho does still rely on a php and mysql server to generate and serve dynamic content. sappho features exif ripping and includes an rss feed. images are organized into two tiers—collections and sets.

integration with s3

sappho uses the s3 php class coded by don schonknecht, for which i'm very grateful. currently, you must upload your photos manually to s3. you'll store two different sizes of each image—a thumbnail and a web-viewable size. for more information on getting your images into s3, click here.

an example album

you probably want to see a working example of the software! you're in luck—i coded this software so that i can use it. check out my photo album here.

more information

if you'd like more information on this project, you can visit the project page or email the mailing list.