think tank forums

new beginnings

one weekend in january 2004, i coded up some blog and forum software. i soon wanted a full-fledged forum, not a miniature invite-only forum integrated with blogs. so we started discussing think tank forums—a name for a forum that i came up with on july twenty-fifth, 2004.

the forum began as multi-threaded, but was soon recreated with only a single-threading level. it was designed to be fast and minimalistic in nature.

these days

now, you can find think tank forums (ttf) in a couple forms. first, it is a live forum on the web with a small but very active user base at second, there is also the development (programming) part of ttf that exists as an open source (bsd license) project, hosted at google code.

now the aim of ttf is to be data obsessive. the forum will save all edited or deleted information as a revision, never losing any data.

keep in touch

if you find any of this interesting, register and post at the forum or signup for the ttf project mailing list.